Each maritime object depends on its range of stability. Therefore stability calculations are very important during the design spiral.


Specific stability regulations can have a great impact in the potential design and maximum draught of the vessel.


Besides the stability calculations we provide for new building vessels, we are also capable of making stability calculations for existing vessels which have no stability calculations at all or which have old stability calculations without the possibility to check manually compliance of the loading condition. This solution helps ship owners to comply to the latest requests of authorities and other inspectors.


The stability regulations require the Master on board to calculate the stability for each voyage together with the longitudinal strength condition of the specific loading condition.

For this purpose we created a software program called:


Tanker Stability Check

This program allows the Master on board to easily check the stability of the specific loading condition. The results of the specific loading condition are saved in a report automatically on the computer and can be printed out on request.


The program is general approved by Lloyd’s Register and Bureau Veritas and has the possibility to receive tank data from several measurement systems.


Feel free to ask for a demonstration of the program, via our contact page.