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mts "ARGOS GL"

Inland waterway vessel with great capabilities, equipped in tanks for carrying both Oil and LNG. Design has been made for Argos Group B.V. 


LNG driven vessel is producing electric power on the foreship generators and transferring it to electric Z-Drive Azimuth Thrusters.


Work carried out on this project:





Main particulars:


Length: 109.94m
Breadth: 13.50m
Depth mld.: 6.30m
Draught scantling: 4.50m
Air draught max* 8.50m









*air draught at T=1.50m


Cargo arrangement:


LNG GTT bunker tanks:

Number of tanks: 2
Volume 100%: 935m³ x 2 = 1870m³
Volume 98%: 917m³ x 2 = 1834m³


Fuel Oil bunker tanks:

Number of tanks: 4
Volume 100%: 380m³ x 4 = 1520m³
Volume 98%: 368m³ x 4 = 1472m³